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Dave Murphy & Associates (DMA) has been an industry leader in outdoor lighting for municipalities, utilities, and transportation/government agencies for over 50 years. Our technological expertise and end-to-end project support simplify complexities, enabling us to deliver thoughtful integrable solutions for outdoor lighting, small cell, telecom, traffic, solar, and loT projects.

We navigate the challenges and nuanced needs of our clients, partners, and stakeholders to deliver lighting, solar, traffic, small cell and telecom solutions to the public space.  We meet the required standards and specifications while providing seamless streetscape integration, enhanced safety and sustainability.

Outdoor Lighting

Decorative and Roadway Solutions

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DMA specializes in utility-grade decorative poles and roadway LED lighting that will stand the test of time. You see the roadway and decorative products we specify on major highways and surface streets, walking trails and county parks, and urban sidewalks, with area, roadway, decorative, cobra head, and architectural luminaires.

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Featured Project

A Transformed Streetscape With Significant Cost & Energy Efficiencies

Small Cell - Telecom

Integrated Streetscape Solutions

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With our partner ConcealFab, DMA seamlessly integrates small cell structures and concealments along streets and highways, with solutions that satisfy all stakeholders.  We specialize in:

Each of our small cell structures are designed to accommodate each carrier’s specific equipment needs for 4G, 5G and C-Band service. Our solutions maintain streetscape aesthetics for quaint towns, historic preservations, urban areas, and downtown districts.

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Featured Project

Jersey City Avalon Bay - Elegantly Combining Aesthetics, Small Cell And Lighting

Solar Lighting

Off-Grid Solutions

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As hybrid infrastructure specialists, DMA delivers green, hybrid solutions with our partners for off-grid applications, helping our specifiers meet the challenges of solar lighting. Our systems:

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Standards and Decorative

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Thanks to the breadth of our Partners, DMA specifies a range of structures for the transportation market from basic roadway and traffic, to high mast lighting and camera systems. DMA connects transportation clients with:

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Smart Poles and Sensor-Enhanced Luminaires

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loT technology brings smart poles and sensor-enhanced luminaires to streets, parks, parking lots, and other public mixed-use spaces. IoT poles combine the standard or decorative light pole with connected features such as:
With our world-class partners, DMA is at the forefront of smart city streetscape specification – helping architects and planners implement seamless integration wherever smart technology is needed.

loT Partners

Lighting Controls

Asset Management

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Luminaire management services provide energy efficiency and savings to utility companies, transportation authorities and municipalities. The benefits are:

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Featured Project

DMA Provides Manageability And Efficiency For Prestigious County Park

Municipal Gateways

Through each of our services, DMA integrates and supports landscape architects and engineers with the transformation of streetscape infrastructure – enhancing landmarks, portals and entryways throughout towns, cities and high-profile districts.  DMA’s edge is:

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Featured Project

A Transformed Streetscape With Significant Cost & Energy Efficiencies

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