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Client: New Brunswick, New Jersey
Project: George Street Streetscape
Location: New Brunswick, New Jersey
Luminaires: Philips Hadco’s Lumilock LED Refractive Globe
Light Source: LED
Lighting Support: Philips, Dave Murphy & Associates


The City of New Brunswick, considering the revitalization of their streetscape lighting, began to evaluate energy efficient products. As part of that process, they explored their streetlight inventory (approximately 3,000 lights) paid for on a non-metered system through PSE&G. At the same time, the City received a Middlesex County Sustainability Grant and wanted to capitalize on the opportunity the grant could help deliver.  Their thoughts were squarely focused on an environmentally sustainable, fiscally responsible solution for the future.

The Challenges (the opportunity)

Lighting technology was progressing rapidly and there was a lack of detailed specifications and standard for LED streetlights – city leaders knew that research and testing would be needed and that it would be an uphill battle.  The complexity was heightened as they began to evaluate roadway (cobra-head) and decorative options which were at different phases of documentation. The central goal was to maintain light levels and reduce energy consumption.

The Solution

After deciding to focus initially on their George Street streetscape, the City determined that the Philips Hadco Lumilock LED post top was a perfect fit for this decorative project.  Fully tested and complete with photometric and detailed specifications, Philips Hadco proved easy to work with.

The Benefits

The Lumilock LED post top enabled the City of New Brunswick to convert 175W MH twin mounts to a single mount LED solution – Saving more than 50% cost per pole (energy and maintenance). Chris Butler, Management Specialist, City of New Brunswick said “we are seeing such significant savings, and not losing any level of safety or comfort”. The city is very pleased with the quality of the crisp white light.

Through the George Street project, the City of New Brunswick is enjoying not only significant cost savings, but have the peace of mind that this single project phase is eliminating annual carbon emissions equivalent to 40,250 pound (20 tons) of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. Further, the only complaint they have received thus far is from a local business that is frustrated that they have to wait until the next phase for their block’s lights to be replaced.

We are seeing such significant savings, and not losing any level of safety or comfort.

Chris Butler

Management Specialist, City of New Brunswick New Jersey