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Featured Project

Central Avenue

The Heart Of Jersey City’s Business District


When the time came to revitalize and renovate the Central Avenue downtown district, the city leveraged DMA’s expertise and reliability. City officials cited a) the heightened need for public safety, b) the strict municipal requirements regarding safety solutions, and c) the city council’s drive to beautify the streetscape with state-of-the-art luminaires.

Project Details


Jersey City, New Jersey


HADCO by Genlyte Solutions Decorative Pendant and Post Tops

Light Source:

LED Roadway and Pedestrian

Lighting Support:

Dave Murphy & Associates, HADCO by Genlyte Solutions

The Challenges

Meeting 21st Century Lighting Requirements for this Important Business District

The city’s lighting code required thoughtful use of municipal standards to meet new safety requirements. The revitalization of this area required:

  • Meeting Jersey City’s demanding luminaire standards and photometric specifications
  • Collaboration with multiple city departments
  • Utility-ready design delivered directly to the city
  • Overhead wire constraints on sections of the project

The Solution

Modern Aesthetics with Expert Photometrics

Jersey City’s engineers and architects collaborated with DMA to redesign the outdoor lighting for the renaissance of this special improvement district. The project included:

  • Utilizing roadway and pedestrian lighting from HADCO for streetscape aesthetics
  • Deployment of utility-ready equipment
  • Specifying products that align with Jersey City’s historical lighting legacy
  • Designing modified poles for placement of overhead areas while maintaining contiguous streetscape design

The Result

Seamless delivery of thoughtful designs