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Client: Borough of Pompton Lakes, New Jersey
Project: Downtown Streetscape – LED Decorative Street Lighting
Location: Pompton Lakes, New Jersey
Luminaires: Philips Hadco’s Lumilock LED Refractive Globe
Light Source: LED
Lighting Support: Philips, Dave Murphy & Associates


The Borough of Pompton Lakes, New Jersey, known for its country beauty, committed itself to being environmentally and fiscally conscious. Understanding it was time to make an investment in their historic downtown, and that lighting would play a major, visible role in the redevelopment plan, the Borough desired an environmentally sustainable solution. Collaborating with local businesses within the Business Improvement District to offset some initial investment, Vito Gadaleta, Borough Administrator, embarked on a journey that would satisfy the need for an aesthetically pleasing, unique downtown streetscape while delivering a fiscally sound lighting solution.

The Challenges (the opportunity)

Create a lighting solution that is: 1) historically relevant, 2) aesthetically appealing and 3) fiscally responsible, while: maintaining or improving current light levels, significantly reducing energy usage and cost, increasing maintenance efficiency (lowing maintenance costs) over the long run and reflecting the community’s desire to be environmentally conscious.

The Solution

After much evaluation, the Lumilock LED Refractive Globe Luminaire by Philips Hadco was the clear choice. The LED engine and the refractive globe provided superior lighting characteristics, while the quality craftsmanship of the luminaire satisfied the aesthetic and historic needs.  The modular construction allowed for customization, thus creating a unique solution that met the maintenance challenges. Philips Hadco performance, reliability, warranty and dedicated solution providers were all key components of the decision.  With Philips Hadco solution, The Borough of Pompton Lakes will enjoy energy savings of nearly 50 percent and an estimated reduction of future maintenance cost of nearly 75 percent – all with a responsive nod to the community’s passion for embracing and, in fact, being leaders in green technology deployment. Vito Gadaleta, sensitive to balancing up front investment and ongoing operating costs, says “A complex project like the Downtown Streetscape must be responsibly designed for the future, while considering current fiscal constraints and the needs of the community”.

The Benefits

According to Mayor Katie Cole and Administrator Vito Gadaleta, local businesses are already seeing the benefits of the investment. The downtown businesses have begun to expand hours of operation and improve their own storefronts consistent with the new streetscape.  Additionally, local residents are commenting that the light seems brighter and crisper while local officials are realizing reduced energy and maintenance costs. The streetlight, now a town standard, is also being used in a local park.  In fact, other towns are beginning to look to Pompton Lakes as an example of environmentally sustainable advancement.  Mayor Katie Cole mentioned that as you drive down the street you will now see people enjoying diner at outdoor tables and walking around and shopping at night because it feels safe. “Our community came together to move forward and we are proud of the work of our great team. The business Improvement District leaders and the entire community have been supportive from the beginning.

Our community came together to move forward and we are so proud of the work of our team. The Business Improvement District leaders and the entire community have been supportive from the beginning.

Katie Cole

Mayor of Pompton Lakes